You have been thinking about your thinning hair for quite sometime. You are noticing that people are looking up at your hair instead of looking you in the eye. It’s time to think about correcting your hairline.
In today’s hair restoration it is not uncommon to find a good transplant clinic if you do your research. The internet has provided a correction for this industry. Gone are the days of a pluggy look, dolls head or corn rows. The technology has changed as well. We provide the ONLY solution to FUE that is time tested. No robots or machines run by technicians that fly from office to office with inexperience. Our FUE team cannot be matched by anyone below Atlanta Georgia to the gulfcoast. Why? because one of our members came from the original team that started the latest hair restoration technique 14 years ago… Follicular Isolation Technique or FUE. No strip scars! Our FUE team stays in house and performs this service under¬†half the cost of our nearest competitor. We are running a fall special as well so please do not hesitate to call 504-525-5262 or email us or for your free online, in person, or email consultation.