Hair restorations and hair transplants is a relatively new discipline in cosmetic medicine. It was founded in the 1950’s and since then, it has gained in popularity. However there were a few “hick-ups” if you will that had to be overcome to reach the level of naturalness as is seen today. And even today have many clinics not grasped to a few Perls of hair restoration that is the foundation of “what makes a hair transplant look natural”.
One of the perls is the angle at which the transplanted hairs need to grow. Hair doesn’t grow straight up and down. Hair follicles exit the skin at different angles depending on the individual. Hairlines in particular are what can make or break a hair restoration. So it is imperative to either re-create a hair line appropriately or FOLLOW the angles of the existing native hair.
In the picture below one can see in my own personal hairline that my hairline has a cow lick. My hairs point to the left.  as seen with the red arrows. In my temple points the hair follicles point to the right. An inappropriate way of making the places for the hair follicles to grow would be straight up and down. An example of that would be the blue arrow.
This is just one aspect of that makes a hair transplant look natural. We at Gulf Coast hair restoration have years of experience and the skills to make a hair restoration undetectable to the naked eye because of it’s naturalness.
In a female hairline example one can see a variety of hair angles.