Often people ask the hair restoration clinic if there will be any permanent or extended pain associated with a hair restoration. The answer is simply No in 99.9% of hair restoration patients. However, there are discussions of very rare cases of extended pain after a hair restoration within the hair conferences and inner circles. And both the FUE and the FUT/strip excision have had documented cases.
One such extended pain could come from the trigeminal nerve in the face as shown in the diagram below.
Trigeminal Neuropathy (TN) as it is called is one type of extended post operative hair restoration pain. TN can occur from many different disease processes. In the hair restoration it is theorized that fluid from the procedure (saline that is used during) could potentially migrate down from the scalp and “settle” near or on top of the trigeminal nerve. The clinical diagnosis for TN established from the International Headache Society is as follows:
A. Pain attacks that are that occur paraxysmally  or frequent lasting for a range of 0.1 seconds to 2 minutes, affecting one or more  branches of the trigeminal nerve and also fulfilling further criteria B and
B. The pain is required to have one or more of the following: 1. sharp, intense, stabbing, superficial. 2. Initiated by trigger factors or trigger areas.
C. Stereotyped attacks in the individual.
D. No deficits neurologically.
E. No other diagnosis or a disorder.
TN when properly diagnosed is treatable. Most of the time a simple medication can be taken until the symptoms subside. In other severe cases a surgical intervention may be required.
HOWEVER I must reiterate that TN is exceedingly rare. Most all hair restorations go without a post operative complication and are routinely performed around the world daily.