Dr. Woessner offers state of the art hair restoration procedures by the standard Follicular Unit Transplant strip method (F.U.T.) and also by Follicular Unit Extraction (F.U.E.). Our staff is well-trained and experienced in both methods. All grafts in our transplants consist of one to four hairs per graft. Only single hair grafts are placed in the hairline; larger grafts are not attractive in the hairline.

Larger grafts can be placed in the interior of the scalp to give more density if the patient desires.

Below is an example of how we plan our transplants. Smaller 1 haired grafts belong in the front, followed by 2 haired grafts. The center is for the larger grafts.

Trichphytic Closure Explained

The standard posterior strip method results in a posterior (back of the head) linear scar which is only visible if the scalp is shaved. F.U.E., the other method mentioned above, heals in an almost completely invisible manner. There is a minimal chance with dotting when the scalp is shaved however this is exceedingly rare.

With the standard posterior strip method, the posterior scar can be camouphlaged by using the trichophytic closure technique, which causes hair to grow around and into the scar. This technique blends with existing hair to hide the scar.

Dr. Woessner offers the latest techniques in the field of hair restoration for men and women. With advances in technology we have the ability to artistically place grafts into balding areas to create a completely natural appearance. Dr. Woessner transplants your own hair from the back of your head into the scalp areas where it is needed, one follicular graft at a time. This is your hair; you can cut it, style it, do anything you choose, as with the rest of your hair, and it is permanent. No one has to know the patient has undergone the procedure. Once grown-out, the transplant is virtually undetectable.

You and Dr. Woessner together will decide what type of hair transplant will best provide you with the result you are seeking. During the initial consultation, you will decide where you want the results to show the most and how many donor grafts this will require.

After arriving at a surgical plan, which will give you the most artistic and natural looking results, Dr. Woessner, if you choose, will then administer a low-dose oral sedative that relaxes you throughout the surgery. Then the anesthetic is administered and a narrow donor strip is skillfully removes such that a maximum number of grafts are obtained. The strip is then surgically dissected under magnification to produce grafts. With F.U.E. the grafts are removed from the donor area with 0.9mm graft extractions and placed in the desired area just as described for the standard strip procedure.

The grafts are then inserted in the pre-arranged pattern into the recipient scalp. The process requires surgical skill, teamwork and an artistic eye. We take great pride in our results. After surgery you will get specific instructions and medication to take home, no trip to the pharmacy is needed. You will return in 10 days to have your sutures removed. Results are evident in 3 to 4 months and will continue to improve over the course of a total of 9 to 12 months. The grafted hair is natural and permanent. You can brush it, perm it, swim, etc. Enjoy looking and feeling younger and more vibrant. Your hair is completely natural.

Gulf Coast Hair Restoration will replace, for free, any grafts which do not grow providing the patient has adequate donor hair available.

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"If our fee is beyond your means, let us know and we will adjust it accordingly. We want you to have the best transplant."

Dr. Woessner