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When a person is interested in a hair restoration, the consult can be the best tool for gaining information about the hair transplant process. In todays times, it would unwise not to perform a simple research on hair restoration in general. The internet has a vast amount of information, however sometimes, marketing schemes can provide misinformation. And this is why the face to face consultation is vital in hair restoration process. Many questions can be answered and a personal knowledge about the clinic you are considering can be gained.
First of all we would encourage a potential client to definitely check out different clinics in your area. This way you can see how they approach their hair transplants. Also they can show you their results from previous patients. Many times a clinic with less experience may not have many results which could raise an eyebrow. So we have some helpful hints to ask a clinic and including ours:

  1. How long have you been performing hair transplants? This can be important for experience.
  2. How many hair transplants have you performed? This question should be able to be answered unless the experience level is such that there are hundreds of completed cases.
  3. What types of procedures do you offer? A strip procedure or FUE or both.
  4. If you provide follicular unit extraction or FUE, what types of instruments do you use? Is it performed by a human or is it performed by a robot or other device. The robot has become popular because of marketing, however the punch size of the robot is larger than the size of a standard 0.8-0.9mm.
  5. If you provide follicular unit extraction or FUE, what size punch do you use. An inexperienced clinic will say they use a 1.0mm or larger. The punch size is important in FUE because most people who wish to have an FUE procedure do so because they may wear their hair short. A large punch size might cause a circular scar large enough to the visible eye. Our punch size is at 0.9mm or less than a 1.0mm. This size provides the best possible outcome for undetectable FUE.
  6. How long has the staff been working here? A seasoned staff usually stays at the same clinic for years. Some clinics outsource there technicians which can be an issue for quality assurance.
  7. What is the largest cases you have performed. A low number of graft per case can be a sign of inexperience.

These are just a few of the questions that are important in our opinion and there are many more. One thing to remember is that a good clinic will be completely transparent and will not hide anything.
Thomas Ortiz
Chief Surgical technician