Scalp Micro-pigmentation also known as SMP is a modified tattoo using small dots instead of shading as in a typical tattoo. In hair restoration it has become very popular because it can cover old horrific scalp scars or even darken the scalp when there is less density so that ambient light doesn’t shine on the scalp and have a “see through” look. SMP costs differently from company to company and depending on the amount of scalp that needs to be tattooed. Even more popular these days is the follicular unit extraction (FUE) scalp micro-pigmentation combination. The reason for the combination is that the SMP allows for less grafts to be used and the FUE procedure prevents a linear scar from the standard strip excision hair restoration. In this example this patient had previous strip scars and also opted to perform an FUE and then have an SMP. HE cut his hair short and it changed his appearance. This patient was unable to wear his hair short because of his old scars however now he can.
This case was from February 2016 and he received 1000 FUE. He will opt for another 1000 FUE to add into his scars on the back of his scalp.
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