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Wade D.
New Orleans, LA

Dr. Woessner and staff were very professional in this delicate decision I was making. I had questions and they had factual answers which helped me to make a decision. I was very satisfied after 6 months with the results of my FUT. I have no regrets and wish I would have done this much sooner rather than wearing a hat at all times for the past 10 years before the FUT. It feels good to leave the hat off now.

Leon C.
New Orleans, LA

I had visited a "national" brand (I'm sure you've seen their advertising) and between their hard sell and high prices, I walked out the door. But Dr. Woessner and his staff are professional and knowledgeable and very fair in price. The entire procedure took just half a day, and everything was explained from the first step. This is the second procedure I've had done at GCHR, and I could not imagine better results. If you're looking for a doctor who is local, won't break your bank, and gives you the results you're looking for, Dr. Woessner is the one for you.

New Orleans, LA

Wow!!! Dr. Woessner is extremely talented! These guys are the BEST! Totally natural looking AND makes you have that youthful look. It’s a great experience and well worth the money! The staff was extremely accommodating and the fee was reasonable. Thank you Gulf Coast Hair Restoration!

Leon C.
New Orleans, LA

I have had two procedures at Gulf Coast Hair Restoration, and both far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Woessner took the time to listen to what my goals were, and offered suggestions as to how to get the results I was looking for. On the day of the procedure, whatever concerns I had went away fast. His staff is professional and friendly, and all of my questions were answered before we even started. It's not a painful procedure, and went a lot faster than I had thought. Dr. Woessner followed up with a phone call the next morning to check in and see if I had any questions (how many doctors do that?). If you are looking for a superb, high quality hair restoration doctor, this is your guy. The results I've gotten are fantastic.

New Orleans, LA

Dr. Woessner is absolutely the greatest. From the time I walked into his office any apprehension just disappeared. He was on the mark in everything he explained to me about the procedure, what to expect after the procedure was complete and in the days and weeks to follow. I am so blown away by his skill and knowledge. I thought there was no hope for me and he told me to worry. I can’t believe my eyes when I look into the mirror. I brag about his skills to anyone who asks. My heartfelt thanks to you, Dr. Woessner.

New Orleans, LA

I Chose Dr. Woessner for my Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant because his location was convenient and his fees were reasonable. Now that my hair has grown out, most importantly I appreciate the magnificent results of his surgical skills! My FUE is only 6 months out from the procedure. Dr. Woessner and his staff made me feel comfortable right from the get go. And my hair looks natural and fuller.

Harvey, LA

I kept anticipating pain from the time I arrived until I sat in the chair. D. Woessner reassured me it was not going to be painful. I was amazed that there was no pain. Even that night when I was at home and the days to follow.

I was so pleased they were understanding to my financial situation. They made the transplant affordable and we are very pleased with the results.

New Orleans, LA

I just wanted to say how happy I am with the results of my hair procedure performed by Dr. Woessner. The greatest thing about it is that my family and friends say how good I look, but they don’t know I had a hair procedure done. I get a lot of: You look younger! Did you lose weight? You really look nice, is that a new shirt? Are you working out at the gym? They don’t know and I won’t tell! Dr. Woessner is truly an artist! Thanks again for changing my life for the better!

New Orleans, LA

I had a very mediocre transplant several years ago in another state. Dr. Woessner and his great transplant team repaired my old transplant and made me look great again.
Many thanks to Dr. Woessner at Micrograft Hair Restoration in New Orleans, for restoring my self-image.

Lafayette, LA

I have worn a hair piece for over 20 years. Recently dr. Woessner enabled me to have my own hair. The procedure was wonderful. No more wigs; only my own natural hair. If you are looking to get out of your hair piece, contact Dr. Woessner. Dr. Woessner and his staff are totally professional in every way.

Mobile, AL

Dr. Woessner is terrific. He designed my hairline just to my taste. What an artist! His staff is top-notch and very personable. 5 STARS!!!! The surgery was actually a pleasant experience. I am ecstatic with the result.

Jackson, MD

The back of my scalp was showing through my thinning hair. Dr. Woessner filled it in completely. The surgical fee was reasonable and the service was fantastic.

Pensacola, FL

I was frightened at the thought of surgery but Dr Woessner and his wonderful staff made me feel relaxed and confident. The surgery turned out to be the best decision I have made in years. I would recommend Micrograft Hair Restoration to anyone.

Lake Charles, LA

Dr. Woessner is a straight-shooter and very talented. He fixed my hairline perfectly. I am completely satisfied with my hair transplant and recommend him to everyone.

Houston, TX

I’m glad I traveled to New Orleans to Dr. Woessner for my hair transplant. The vacation was great and my hair transplant result exceeded my expectations.

Houma, LA

Hair from heaven! I’m so pleased with my transplant. No one even knows I had the surgery. I’m really pleased and glad I made the decision. Dr. Woessner took great care to ensure the great result.

Slidell, LA

My barber was absolutely amazed when my transplant grow out, he said it’s the best he’s ever seen. There was no visible evidence of surgery, just more hair and completely natural. Dr. Woessner and his staff are so sincere and caring.

Houma, LA

When you lose your hair you feel like your youth is gone. Dr. Woessner restored my youth. I recommend him highly to everyone who wants hair.

New Orleans, LA

Dr. Woessner listened to me and gave me the transplant I wanted. My hairline is magnificent. My barber was very impressed and my wife is glad I did it.

Lafayette, LA

To have my hair back is like a miracle! Thank you Dr. Woessner.

Baton Rouge, LA

Dr. Woessner helped me to regain my self-esteem. He is truly an artist. He’s the only board certified Hair Surgeon in Louisiana.

Baton Rouge, LA

Dr. Woessner and his staff were marvelous and very professional. The procedure was relaxed and entirely painless. The result was terrific and my hair looks completely natural. People tell me I look younger and even thinner.

Lafayette, LA

I had considered hair restoration surgery for years but wasn’t really sure it worked. Dr. Woessner won my confidence with his office’s friendly and professional attitude. Now I wish I’d met them sooner.
Dr. Woessner showed me how to stop losing more hair and the transplant he performed restored my confidence. I’m glad to recommended them. I could not be more pleased with the results.

Alton D.
New Orleans, LA

Dr. Woessner and his staff were very friendly and professional throughout the process. The hair transplant surgery exceeded my expectations. It was painless and my result was fabulous. My hair grew in gradually and much fuller. No one can tell I’ve had surgery; I just look better. Why leave town when the best is right here in New Orleans.

Covington, LA

The bottom line is I look years younger since my hair transplant. Dr. Woessner and staff are truly dedicated and I recommend them highly. I visited other clinics before selecting them. My transplant looks full and natural. I am very happy with the results and glad of my decision. They’re tops.