There has been recent debates all over hair restoration related forums and social media concerning the side effects of Propecia, also known as finasteride,  Propecia, or Proscar. These concerns not only stirred up the medical community but also the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery or  In fact the ISHRS created a special fact finding task force on finasteride’s adverse events and controversies.
Post Finasteride Syndrome or PFS has been the term used to describe any adverse reactions to finasteride which include decreased libido, attenuated erection, low ejaculation volume and others. The past hair convention of the ISHRS in August 2015 the findings were presented as part of a large group of lectures concerning this issue. The findings were not surprising as when compared to placebo, finasteride followed similar epidemiological sexual side effects as within the general public. Age, underlying disease processes such as hypertension and diabetes along with other factors such as smoking all play a factor generally in a small group of people.
Furthermore it was noted that further studies needed to performed and that factors such as age needed to be considered when accessing a true PFS.
Across the board however the consensus has been that finasteride has very safe for most (99%) and the 1% that may get some kind of side effect, 70% of these people have a return of normal sexual function after cessation of the drug. Only an exceedingly low number of guys will have an issue that persists. The best thing to do as a consumer is to speak with your doctor over he concerns with finasteride.
Thomas Ortiz