It is not uncommon for people suffering hair loss to try to camouflage or block the “see through” of the scalp. There have been attempts that are as benign as using a sharpie marker to darken the skin to more of a permanent solution such as a scalp micro pigmentation or tattoo to darken the scalp and to lessen the contrast. However there are other less dramatic temporary remedies.  Two of such popuylar remedies are Toppik and DermMatch. Other less popular cover ups are Couvre, ProThik and Fullmore.
Toppik is a powder like substance composed of wool particles that use static electricity to adhere to the follicles in a magnetic fashion. A hair spray can be used to make a longer lasting effect. However there are downsides to Toppik. During the application of the product the fibers can be displaced and adhere to shirts or other clothing. Also a person may not swim or be in a heavy rain storm because the product will wash away. Toppik comes in different shades to match the appropriate hair color.
DermMatch IS a powder make-up cake and must be applied with a sponge and a small amount of water. DermMatch claims to be water resistant, however it also must be monitored in heavy rainfall or swimming. When applied correctly, it can cut down the contrast or shiny scalp.
fullmore-hair-thickening-spray prothik-hair-volumizer
Prothik and Fullmore are sprays that are more water resistant. They are quite easy to apply and easily taken off. There is a caution of breathing the fumes of the products however.
Couvre is a sesame-seed emulsion This product must be directly applied onto the scalp.
In general non of these products must be applied to the scalp until the scabs of a hair restoration have fallen off.