Take your prescribed daily medications. If you take medications that specifically thin the blood then please call your doctor for advice on temporarily ceasing the medication.
Please wear comfortable clothing such as jogging pants and a button down shirt.  T shirts of any kind are discouraged because it runs the risk of touching your scalp and potentially pulling your grafts out.
Please bring a loosely fitting new baseball cap or a similar type of loosely fitting hat to cover your grafts after surgery. DO NOT bring in knit hats because they can potentially adhere to grafts and pull them out.
You may be offered a mild sedative to help you relax through the surgery. Let us know if you are planning on driving home so that we may discuss and plan how much sedative will be used safely.
*  You will be watching movies from our selection of DVD’s, however, if you want to bring in your own movies you may do so.
* The most important thing to remember is not to take prescribed medications or over the counter medications that will cause you to bleed more during surgery for 14 days prior to the day of surgery. The biggest culprit is ASPIRIN followed by Ibuprofen. There are many products that contain aspirin so it is imperative that you look on the label for these items. If you need a pain reliever before surgery then you may take Tylenol or Acetaminophen. If you feel unsure of the product you are taking then please ask your pharmacist or your doctor.
* Certain vitamins can cause thinning of the blood. Try to avoid Vitamin B-complex or E vitamins for 7 days prior to your surgery.
Please abstain from drinking heavy amounts of alcohol for at least 7 days prior to your surgery day.
Please reduce the amount of heavy exercising and  sports for at least 7 days prior to the surgery day.
Do not bring your laptop into surgery due to the logistics of the surgery. You may have your cell phone and check it from time to time.
Please do not drink caffeinated products the day of the surgery. The caffeine may cause you to not be still or it may work against the sedative that we may offer you.
*   Please eat something for breakfast the morning of the surgery.
Please do not trim your hair for the FUT/Strip or the FUE procedure. We will cut your hair for you.
* Please attempt to abstain from smoking cigarettes for 1 month prior to surgery.  Please see your doctor if you need help with smoking cessation. Heavy smoking may potentially cause an adverse affect on growth of the transplant.