Hair loss in women can be devastating if not more devastating than in men. It isn’t as simple as shaving your head or the hair loss following a certain pattern. It can be diffuse with a central hair loss but preserving the hair line… which is the focus of this blog.
Outside of a genetic pre disposition or other issues ruled out such as hormonal, trauma, or stress related hair loss one metabolic deficiency may be the cause… Iron. The textbook of Hair Transplantation 41WYOaAINBL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ written by Unger and Shapiro state that it hypothesized to be a suspect problem however there are no data or studies to correlate this in woman pattern hair loss. In addition to this, supplemental iron ha not been established to augment hair loss. However it isn’t far fetched that a simple supplement managed by your physician could be a corrective fix for this hair loss.  A serum ferritin test (iron) would determine the severity of the deficiency. It is recommended by the author of the Hair Transplantation textbook that a 6 month course of over the counter iron supplements and a re-evaluation of hair regrowth after the 6 months.
The author also states that in his experience, he actually has had positive results with his own patients. And if this does not correct the issue, the a secondary use of Minoxidil and/or even a hair restoration can be considered.
All in all a thorough examination along with appropriate laboratory analysis via a blood draw should happen first.