The miracle part of a hair transplant in my opinion is the human body to reestablish a circulation back to each hair follicle that is transplanted. No matter the amount of grafts, a capilary gravitates to a newly transplanted graft. This doesn’t typically occur until the 5th day has passed. The grafts are held in place by a scab that is created when the sites are made. This scab not only holds the graft in place but also traps moisture etc so that the hair follicle graft will not desiccate or dry out.
Angiogenesis is a process by which new blood vessels form from from other vessels and this is brought on by the release of certain biochemicals that draws in capillaries towards the follicle
As you can see there is one arterial and venous capillary in the picture. In all actuality follicle grafts act like plants and can be re-extracted and transplanted again if need be. In hair restoration sometimes this occurs during repairs of old work such as plugs. Plugs which are made up of many follicular units can be extracted, dissected into natural follicular units and then re-transplanted.
Thomas Ortiz
Surgical Technician