Hair loss in women can be devastating for obvious reasons. Typically a woman’s loss of hair does not follow a pattern such as a genetic predisposition like in male pattern baldness. It can be global… in other words occur all over the scalp. Here are some reasons for this:
This is a common problem that can easily cause hair loss. The thyroid gland regulates a number of hormones that when imbalanced, can lead to such things as “cold” intolerance, fatigue, depression, course dry brittle hair, and of course hair loss. However this can be treated by a simple blood test along with a replacement medication such as synthroid. And with that the hair loss may return over time. The unfortunate thing is that many times women do not know the signs and/or symptoms of hypothyroidism which mimics many symptoms for other disease processes. If you suspect hair loss due to a thyroid condition please consult your physician so that this may be looked at and treated.
Excessive Stress:
Stressful mental and physical conditions can lead to hair loss. Such stressors as mental tragedies, prolonged exposures to harsh chemicals (chemotherapy), or even strenuous exercise can sometimes cause short term hair loss. The best treatment for this is to see your hair transplant surgeon or primary care physician to properly diagnose you and treat you.
Hormonal changes seen during pregnancy can sometimes cause short term hair loss. Sometimes these changes may continue up top 3 to 4 months post partum. However it is usually a short term issue and hair may return after the hormone levels have stabilized. If these conditions continue after 3 to 4 months, the your primary physician should be notified so that the underlying cause is found and treated.
One thing to realize is that hair does shed daily and up to 100 or more strands of hair per day. It is the cycle of hair. Most scalp hairs remain in the growing phase and only a small percentage goes into the shedding phase at any one given time.