Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)

A Follicular Unit Transplant or FUT is a traditional method of hair restoration also known as the STRIP excision. A thin strip of tissue is removed from the donor area by the physician in the back of the scalp. The scalp is then closed and sutured. The strip of tissue is divided into its individual follicular units under a magnification.

The Procedure

FUT can be broken down into 3 distinct sub-procedures.

1. Extractions during FUT:

During an FUT, the donor area will be anesthetized using vibration and local anesthesia. Then a strip of the tissue will be excised out of the scalp. This tissue will then be further divided into small follicle grafts.

Dr. Woessner will then suture your donor with dis-solvable sutures. He will use a method that allows hair to grow through the scar line to hide the scar better. This is a trichophytic closure. It is a procedure brought into the hair restoration industry and practiced by the most experienced hair restoration clinics and physicians.

"Sunny" dissecting tissue

Sliver Dissected from Strip

2. Site creation or incisions:

The second part of an FUT procedure is creating the sites to insert the follicular grafts for transplantation. Dr. Woessner will take between 30 minutes to an hour to carefully design your hair transplant. The follicular grafts must be set into the scalp at exactly the right depth, angle and location to achieve a completely natural and aesthetically satisfying appearance without damaging the patient’s pre-operative hair. A special dye that washes off after the surgery may be used so that the sites are easily seen.

Dr. Woessner Creating Sites

Site Creation Complete (a dye is used here)

3. Placing the grafts into the scalp:

This part of the procedure may last for 3 to 4 hours or more and it depends on the amount of follicular grafts that are dissected from the strip of tissue. The technicians must treat the grafts for what they are: tiny, living organs which can produce a natural appearing and artistic hair transformation. Every aspect of the procedure is performed and supervised by Dr. Woessner.

Close up of Graft Placement

"If our fee is beyond your means, let us know and we will adjust it accordingly. We want you to have the best transplant."

Dr. Woessner