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Hair follicles reside in the scalp in natural groups that comprise of 1- even 7 follicles per grouping. As seen in the picture above there are examples of 1-4 hair follicles per grouping. The question proposed in the late 1990’s in hair restoration was could these groups be divided and thusly individual hair follicles survive outside their group? So with that, a physician by the name of Dr. Beehner took on a task of “intact vs. non-intact follicular unit study.  For 1 year, Dr. Beehner took 3 volunteer patients and transplanted follicle hairs from natural groups and divided follicle groups into a bald area (devoid of all hair follicles) and followed these patients for a full year. The follicles grafts were divided uniformly and chilled in saline. The grafts were all transplanted within 3 hours of harvest of the tissue.
The results were eye opening. The overall statistical average of yield between the intact and the non-intact follicular units was insignificant! In other words the growth was basically the same for each group. So what does this mean for hair transplants? It shows that the individual units and even a 1 haired graft divided from a 2 haired graft would grow just fine. Even a 5 haired graft divided into a 2 and a 3 haired graft would theoretically grow just as well.
After this repeatable study was published there was a now drive to be able create softer and more natural hairlines