Eyebrows that are thin, burned or have been excessively plucked can be transplanted at Gulf Coast Hair Restoration. Dr. Woessner and his staff have years of experience in transplanting eyebrows. An eyebrow transplant is a permanent solution to this type of hairloss. However an ABUNDANCE of caution and expertise must be used in order to create a natural eyebrow. Eyebrow hair must come from scalp hair. This hair when transplanted and after the growth begins, will have to be trimmed every so often. This is because the hairs that are transplanted are in what is called anagen phase. Anagen phase is the growing phase of hair follicles. In the scalp the anagen phase is the dominant phase whereas in body hair the anagen phase might be shorter. So given this data, one can surmise that a trimming of the transplanted hairs within the eyebrow is needed or the hairs will grow indefinitely. In other words you have to trim your eye brows often.
Another problem that may arise if not properly managed is the direction of the eyebrow hairs of the transplant. The transplanted hairs must be in the same direction of the native hair. Also, the amount of the hairs or the density must mimic or closely mimic the density of the native density.
And finally the last important piece to an eyebrow transplant is the shape of the individuals eyebrows. This part of an eyebrow hair restoration or hair transplant is dependent upon the artistic abilities of the hair clinic surgeon. And at GulfCoastHairRestoration our surgeon Dr. Woessner is a perfectionist in this respect.
Below is an example of a pre Op picture and just after the procedure. Also is a close up to see the direction and angle of one of our recent eyebrow transplants.
If you have any further questions you can email Dr. Woessner at wmed@bellsouth.net or call Thomas Ortiz or Dr, Woessner during office hours for a further explanation.
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Thomas Ortiz
Surgical Technician