Generally there are four hair characteristics that should be considered before a hair Transplant.

  1. Caliber.
  2. Color Contrast With Skin.
  3. Curl or Wave.
  4. Frizziness

The caliber of hair contributes to the fullness or thickness of hair. Individually, hair caliber varies from one person to the next. Racially, a generalization can be made however even then caliber changes between individuals. An example racially and in general one would see that a Caucasian’s hair caliber will be less than a Latin, Asian, or African decent. However this is not always the case. The rule of thumb though is the higher the caliber the better the coverage is for hair transplant.
Color Contrast to skin… If a person has a high contrast from the hair to the scalp, then there is what is called “see” through effect. The lesser the contrast the lesser the “see” through. This should be taken into consideration when strategically placing the grafts into balding areas in order to use the less contrast to the advantage or the more contrast more precisely.
Curl or Wave is my favorite and interesting characteristic. This is because the more the curl the more the coverage and leads to less needed grafts… As compared to straight hair  which may need more hair and denser transplanting to achieve a no see through look.
Frizziness… This attribute is great for a shingling effect because they lay randomly and go in different directions. It takes less grafts than someone that has straight or even wavy curly hair.