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If you’re struggling with hair loss, we understand you may not feel your best. At Gulf Coast Hair Restoration, we acknowledge your unique needs and want to help you achieve your desired look with the best hair transplant possible.

Dr. Woessner has been performing hair transplant surgery for nearly 20 years and is Board Certified in Hair Restoration. Transplants are performed with Dr. Woessner and his experienced staff yielding excellent results. Our office is located in the downtown area of New Orleans. We offer complimentary in-person and virtual consultations via Facetime or Zoom. Currently accepting new patients from all surrounding areas. Contact us today to ask how a hair transplant can improve your quality of life.

Vitamin D Deficiency and Hair Loss

An article in the July/August 2022 edition of ISHRS reviews that a small number of case reports suggest a relationship between vitamin D deficiency and hair thinning. It looks at the link between vitamin D and hair loss and examines the role of vitamin D in hair growth. Comprehensive research on the direct link between vitamin D deficiency and hair loss in androgenetic alopecia remains incomplete; it offers evidence that vitamin D regulation can even reverse certain types of hair loss. Regardless of whether the impact of vitamin D deficiency is a direct or indirect contributing factor for hair loss, the solution for most patients who are vitamin D deficient is simple enough: oral supplements with vitamin D3. A blood serum level of 25(OH) vitamin D should range between 40-100ng/ml. This test is readily available in many doctor’s offices.

Keene, S. A. (2022). Vitamin D deficiency and hair loss: A case report and review of the literature for diagnosis and treatment. International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, 32(4), 113–122.

The ISHRS was organized to promote skills and standards for improving technical and ethical standards for Physicians.

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) was founded on 3 pillars: Education, Research, and Collegiality. The organization provides the most comprehensive, educational offerings worldwide on all aspects of hair loss management. Education is open to all, with attendance to meetings open to any physician. Membership of the ISHRS has some qualifications but not enough restrictions to be deemed as an exclusive club for insiders. On balance, free education must remain the cornerstone for improving technical and ethical standards through the positive engagement of these novice surgeons from the many members of the ISHRS family that remain willing to teach each interested physician. This method gives the best possible results for patients seeking hair restoration. is a valuable, free tool to answer all your questions for patients seeking to learn more about hair restoration.

Knudsen, R. (2022). Controversies. International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, 32(3), 94–94.