ARTAS and Neograft

FUE has made leaps and bounds over the past 10 years. There have been many devices created in order to increase the FUE efficiency and to spread its use. Two of such devices are the Neograft machine and the ARTAS Robot. We can discuss both of these products and provide you with our opinions.

Neograft is a company that created a machine that actually extracts the graft as it is being scored from the donor. The grafts travel along tubing and finally is caught in a trap. This can only be performed using a suction. Ambient air is what carries the grafts to the trap. Grafts are inherently and highly susceptible to desiccation or “drying” out. A dry or even a slightly dry graft will often not grow. The technician or physician is responsible for dipping the punch in saline to keep the grafts wet however this step can be easily over looked. Furthermore most all of the cl inics that offer Neograft use Neograft technicians to perform the entire hair transplant. These technicians fly around the US and perform these procedures. They are trained in a matter of weeks and sometimes do not use in our opinion the proper magnification needed to “see” the follicles. These technicians are not necessarily dedicated to one clinic and the quality assurance of each technician can be unmonitored. In other words you may not know who you are having to perform this very important life changing procedure.Neograft-Picture
ARTAS is the first device using robotic technology to perform an FUE. It uses high definition cameras to select each graft. The robot has been around for several years and has been marketed to any physician or clinic that wants to add hair restoration to their practice. This means less experienced clinics that are not dedicated to hair restoration can be using this technology. Hands down, there are a few specific issues that need to be addressed and is our opinion as well as MANY other highly respected hair restoration physicians. Artas has limitations on who is a good candidate. The machine works best on hair that is straight, dark and course. People who have wavy, curly, or thin hair will be difficult for the robot.The size of the punch that is used for the scoring of the skin around the follicle is very important. The size of the punch is well over 1.0mm. They claim that it is a 0.9mm but this measurement is the inside diameter of the punch. If you include the outside diameter it is upwards of 1.5mm. And lastly the transection rate of the grafts that are actually extracted is somewhat higher than a person with years of experience can achieve. In our opinion, this isn’t the best solution for an FUE procedure at this time.